The Possibilities are Endless...

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is walking through a building imagining what it could be in the near future. The Lion Brothers Building is unique in that it's a completely blank canvas-- it has very few limitations that would limit its potential. The building's future is full of possibilities.

Why Choose the Lion Brothers Building?

  • It's a blank canvas for creative, collaborative, adaptive reuse office space. Be inspired by the building's authentic history, by the nearby quirky culture, or by the emerging innovation district
  • It's a lower-cost space than most in the area. Contact our team for leasing details!
  • You have the chance to support Charm City through a historic preservation project. Create a design that honors the existing materials, but also includes mindful additions.
  • Provide a service to the area! The Lion Brothers Building is the perfect place for a business that wants to provide an amenity to the growing district (think yoga studio, restaurant).
  • Consider your impact as an outpost in SouthWest Baltimore for local, regional or national non-profits, foundations and social enterprises. 

Need more reasons to consider the Lion Brothers Building? We're full of them. Contact our team to tour the building!